Who We Serve

Companies Seeking Global Expansion Opportunities

Whether your company is a foreign-based company entering the US market, or a US-based company expanding domestically or internationally, guidance is critical. Identifying the right service providers, avenues to commercialize your products or services, potential joint ventures or strategic partners can be difficult for even the most mature businesses. Establishing the right relationships from the beginning, especially when they are half way around the world, can sometimes make all the difference.

Lawyers, Consultants and Other Advisors

Whether you are responsible for growing your practice overall, or an individual partner (or associate on the partner track) looking to measurably improve your current business development efforts and executive presence, Adelson Strategies is well positioned to work with you directly to attain these goals. We also serve as a resource for your clients to help them solve complex problems and execute on business opportunities around the world.

Private Equity & Family Offices

Creating value in your private equity portfolio companies and family office investments is critical in generating return on investment at exit.

Identifying off market deal flow and facilitating relationships and connectivity for your fund, family office and underlying portfolio companies and investments with prospective clients and partners, experts and business opportunities can create a big value proposition, especially for small to mid-sized portfolios that lack extensive relationships and networks of larger organizations.

Start-Ups and Early Stage Businesses

A startup business faces different challenges. In the early stages of the business life cycle, resources are often tight, forcing entrepreneurs to extinguish daily fires and be reactive to change instead of proactive and strategic. Having the vision to understand where the business might be in one, five, or even ten years, and anticipating the steps necessary to get you there, can seem overwhelming.

Trade Associations

For trade associations looking to expand their reach internationally, the Adelson Strategies network made up of business advisors, country sponsored development authorities, and global contacts can save an organization significant time and money. We accomplish this by leveraging our extensive network and seeking out the right local contacts for your specific needs, all of which helps ease the pain of entering a new market.

Family Offices

The goals and objectives of family offices vary. Being well positioned to access to deal flow, including off-market opportunities, consistent with the specific and thematic goals of your investors can mean the difference between a good track record and a great track record. Our network of family offices can be valuable to our other clients as well.

Economic Development Agencies

Whether your organization is tasked with identifying and attracting investment or creating strategic partnerships and alliances from across the globe, it is important to have eyes and ears around the world who both deeply understand the opportunities that exist in your city, county, state or country, and who can bring the right parties to the table to pursue those opportunities.

We also work with the companies you are assisting by bringing our support to the table.