Global Trends In Emerging Markets Create Opportunities for US Companies

For US companies looking to expand around the world, a prospering global middle class, large-scale urbanization, a proliferation of technology and unprecedented economic growth—among other factors—are providing strong supporting tailwinds. The opportunity to seek a growing and diversified consumer base in foreign markets has never been better or more attainable for small to middle market US-based companies.

Currently, a snapshot of top emerging markets throughout the world includes countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East:

According to a recent Bloomberg Business article1, while the economies of several large developed nations may slow or lag in years to come, these emerging markets will likely see continued and unprecedented growth, as well in as some other key countries in other parts of the world, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s latest macroeconomic projections2 which forecast until 2030.

With that growth, comes opportunity. China’s real GDP is expected to more than double over the course of the next fifteen years, and India will be well on its way to having the largest workforce in the world. Significant growth in GDP is also expected for Singapore, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, and Kenya to name a few, which means fast growing markets in need of products, services, and technology. As these economies grow, a need to address the cost and environmental impact of energy use, quality of education, efficient job creation, and sustainability and resiliency of cities will also increase. This growth within emerging markets will create opportunities for US companies of all sizes to enter new markets with their products and services and team with local businesses and entrepreneurs already on the ground with local knowledge and distribution channels already in place that can quite literally change the world we live in for the better.

If you are a US-based company expanding domestically or internationally, guidance is critical. Quickly identifying the 
best avenues to commercialize your products and services, seek out licensing opportunities, and to identify other joint venturers and other strategic partners can be difficult for even the most mature businesses. Establishing the right relationships from the beginning, especially when they are half way around the world, can sometimes make all the difference.

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Sean McIver contributed to this article

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