Adelson Strategies: Driving Growth for Advisors

About Adelson Strategies

Adelson Strategies is a global international business development and strategy firm that plugs in to your business and adds band-width to your own capabilities to help you achieve your goals. We learn about your business, which enables us to identify and cultivate new opportunities for your organization while saving you time and creating value along the way.

Our approach is practical and hands-on. Years of experience have taught us there is no substitute for a deep understanding of our clients’ strengths and goals or for developing pragmatic and executable strategy closely tailored to their specific business needs.

Q. How does Adelson Strategies collaborate with advisors and their clients to increase their books of business and climb the ladder?

A. Whether you are responsible for growing your practice overall, or an individual partner (or associate on
the partner track) looking to measurably improve your current business development efforts and executive presence, Adelson Strategies is well positioned to work with you directly to attain these goals. We also serve as a resource for your clients to help them solve complex problems and execute on business opportunities around the world.

Executive Coaching For Advisors

Navigating a successful path within an organization can be challenging for the most seasoned partners as well as senior management and associates at consulting and law firms of all sizes. We have spent years mentoring fellow partners and direct reports on dealing with the immediate and long term considerations of climbing the ladder.

While positioning myself for an internal leadership role within Oracle, I worked with Jonathan to refine my pitch, and turn a thirty-page slide deck into a one-page presentation that I leveraged to make my case and land the role. Jonathan’s ability to quickly understand the moving parts and politics within a large organization and provide practical advice to navigate a course forward with confidence is incredibly valuable.”
— Regional Director, Global IT Consulting Firm
I have known Jon for nearly 10 years and in that time he has counseled
and advised me through a myriad of career changes, opportunities and advancements. Be it new client assignments, partner turnover, managing my staff, developing my own book of business, relocating offices or stepping into
the role and responsibilities of a new promotion, over the past decade he has mentored me through it all. Jon always has a story, perspective, idea or inspiration to keep me moving forward in my career and I am fortunate that he is always an email away.”
— Senior Director, Global Management Consulting Firm

Business Development Training & Coaching For Advisors

Growing a personal book of business while you are deeply engaged on technical matters and serving the needs of your clients can result in your efforts to develop a book-of-business being pushed to the back burner.

We have deep experience speaking to and coaching team members, both one-on-one and in large groups, to facilitate measurable improvement of an individual’s or firm’s business development efforts.

When my clients are looking for strategic thinking and introductions that can help drive their business, I send them to Adelson Strategies. Not only do they provide a valuable service to help my clients grow and expand, but it allows me
to remain close to my clients and be part of the new opportunities Jon brings to the table.”
— Managing Director, Global Advisory Firm
Jon brings to the table a diverse and talented network of relationships with professionals
from the public and private sectors, along with a creative and motivated approach to solving problems and navigating complex issues. In our brief time working together since the launch of Adelson Strategies, Jon has already provided invaluable advice as my partners and I navigate new business opportunities and client relationships.”
— Partner, US Based Consulting Firm
One of Jon’s greatest strengths has always been his extensive network and ability to establish strong and trusted business relationships in NY and beyond.”
— Practice Leader, Global Management Consulting Firm

Business Development for International Advisors

Whether you are an internationally based advisor seeking out opportunities in the US yourself, or are serving non-US companies looking to enter the US market; our vast network of business leaders, service providers, lawmakers, trade associations and other contacts make Adelson Strategies the one-stop-shop for identifying, qualifying and pursuing opportunities when entering the U.S.

At Adelson Strategies, we have significant experience working with international advisors and the vision to identify the intersection of business, government and other drivers of growth.

We are very pleased to have Jonathan on board as an Advisory Board member. He is experienced at building strong business relationships and identifying the drivers of growth that can provide the greatest opportunity for clients worldwide.”
— Founder, Shanghai Based Private Equity Fund
Our firms have worked together in the past and decided to create a strategic alliance for the benefit of US and Mexico based clients. Our firms will provide joint services in the process of structuring business in such countries.”
— Partner, Mexico Based Law Firm

Helping Advisors Serve Their Clients

When your clients come to you for advice in your or your firm’s area of expertise, you are well equipped to take action. But when the advice your clients seek is outside of your area of expertise, it is important to have a trusted advisor on speed dial who is well versed in pulling together the resources to solve complex problems and identify business opportunities for your most trusted business relationships.

Whether serving as a resource for you and your clients to ensure they engage with the right strategic partners half way around the world to help them grow and expand their business, or seeking out the right expertise around the world to pull together the resources to solve complex problems, we can help you help your clients.

When my clients are looking for strategic thinking and introductions that can help drive their business, I send them to Adelson Strategies. Not only do they provide a valuable service to help my clients grow and expand, but it allows me to remain close to my clients and be part of the new opportunities Jon brings to the table.”
— Managing Director, Global Advisory Firm
Jon is a natural at assembling and leading global and domestic teams of service providers to address complex issues and identify opportunities for his clients. He has the ability to tap into his current network, and creatively seek out new relationships on behalf of his clients in a way that both creates opportunities, and make him a valuable advisor and resource for any organization.”
— Vice President, Global Medical Device Company
Jonathan has brought two separate and distinct joint venture opportunities to the table, with each opportunity on their own having the potential to significantly grow the revenue and geographic reach of our business. Once Jonathan had an understanding of our capabilities, he quickly connected the dots and brought these deals to us with a hands on and practical plan to execute.”
— Founder, Los Angeles Based Animation/Film Studio

Speaking With Inspiration, Aspiration, and a Call to Action

We are well versed at speaking to groups large and small about the importance of building a personal brand and developing a robust network based on helping others solve complex problems in a practical way. The content of our discussions is always inspirational and aspirational with a call to action.

We can speak at your organization’s annual meetings or training events, regularly as part of organized executive and business development programs or keynote addresses.

Opening Doors. Creating Opportunities. Driving Results.

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